Playing Language Games in the Class

May 21, 2014

All partner school had produced language games to share: a game, a play and a song. The Turkish pupils were eager to play language games and sing songs in English.

We played a game about animals: the pupils would choose a card on the table and try to imitate the animal. Other pupils tried to guess the animal´s name, both in Turkish and in English.


May 21, 2014

"Alex, Alex, Alex" could we hear everywhere. Alex from Denmark became very popular after a game of football with the boys. It´s great to see how a ballgame known in every corner of the world, unites people.

Later we learnt that a very popular player in the Turkish National Team is also called Alex.

Farewell, Turkey- Farewell, "Working Together"!

In Turkey we managed to get through the common part of the evaluation form. Now it's up to each partner schol to fill in the individual part. When going through the student´s evaluations, one thing became very clear: pupils in all participating countries have widen their European horizon, learnt a lot about the world of work  and about small businesses- and they are all very eager to continue working with the Comenius projects in the future.

Language Steps and Recess Activities

All over Menderes Gazi- school we could find displays of our project and agreed that the Language Learning stairs were great! It's absolutely an idea to bring along home!

The Finnish teachers brought along jumping ropes for the children and they were very popular.

The school hasn´t have any sports teacher this school year. So when Alex from Denmark suggested for the boys to play football, he became a Very Popular Guy! The Turkish boys are very eager footballers, like all little boys all over the world.

In the end of the day we had a brief visit to a Space Camp in Izmir. It´s an American founded  school camp where you can try space-activities for a weekend or a whole week.

Tool Belt´s Final Destination

The Project symbol, Travelling Toolbelt, reached its final destination in Izmir. After the English car, Icelandic fish, German gummie bear, Danish cow, Romanian flower and Finnish mobile phone, the Tool Belt will now get a Turkish flag and a Turkish symbol for work: an olive branch.

The meeting in Izmir had a kind of bitter-sweet taste: we were all happy to see each other again and to visit the Turkish school; at the same time we were all aware that this is our last meeting during Working Together project...

There was a great wish to work jointly again some day.

Welcome to Gazi Menderes Ilkokulu!

May 21, 2014

Due to the shocking mining accident in the nearby lying village Soma, all celebrations of Youth-and Sports Day on Monday were cancelled. This meant that we managed first to get to visit the school on Wednesday.


The coordinator Rahsan welcomed us and after that we could admire the fearless Turkish pupils sing songs both in Turkish and in partner languages, as well as dance traditional Turkish folk dances in beautiful constumes.

It was also very touching to hear the Turkish Pupils sing our common project song "Working Together", a song that was produced during our visit to Iceland on the first year of our project.


May 17, 2014

Sirince is a small town up in the mountains. It was earlier a Greek village but after the Greece-Turkey-war it became Turkish. The village is famous for its fruit wines and during weekends and holidays it´s packed with local tourists.

Boncuk Köy

May 19, 2014

Everywhere in Turkey you canb see people using Evil Eye Bead as a decoration in their houses, cars or as a jewellery. We visited the Evil Eye Bead Village just in the outskirts of Izmir and found LOTS of Evil Eye Beads!

Evaluation meeting

May 19-20, 2014

All schools had evaluated Working Together with their pupils and teachers. Some of the conclusions were: "It would be nice to get more visitors to our school!"; "I would like to work with another Comenius-project". Pupils had also suggested topics for a new project and some of them were Art, Natural Environment, Sports, and Famous People.



Maket Köy Model Village- the life in the country

Retired school teacher Ayhan Cetin has, together with his wife Nazmiye, rebuilt his entire village Akviran (near Konya). It has taken them 20 years to build the model village.

Outside, he has rebuilt life-sized scenes from the village. These puppets move mechanically, so you can actually see them weave, hammer, saw, bake, and so on.

The most amazing surprise of all awaits you in the big hall, where he has built a miniature version of his entire village:

Ayhan has rebuilt every single house, including his own birth home, and you can see everything that belongs in the every day Turkish life in the greatest details.

Evaluation meeting in Turkey

May 16-22, 2014

The coordinators and teachers of all Working Together partnerschools gathered together in Izmir, Turkey, to look back at the past 2 years and evaluate the project .Besides the meetings, the teachers in Gazi Menderes Ilkokulu had arranged programme that enabled the visitors to get acquainted with the culture, history and the world of work in the region of Izmir.


The Wishing Wall

May 17, 2014

On our first day in Turkey we visited The House of Virgin Mary. The house was discovered in the 19th century by following the descriptions in the reported visions of Anne Catherine Emmerich (1774–1824), a Roman Catholic nun and visionary. Near the house there is a Wishing Wall that is belived to be sacred by the thousands of pilgrims that visit the place annually.


Visiting Ephesos

May 17, 2014

Ephesos was an ancient Greek city in the cost of Ionia. It was built in the 10th century BC. The city flourished after it came under control of the Roman Republic in 129 BC. The city has had a population from 33,000-56,000 and it is know by one of the seven wonders of the ancient world, The Temple of Artemis. We were all very impressed by the city though it's estimated that only 15% of the city has been escavated.

Skating in the City Centre

On Tuesday evening many of the guests and staff met in the Helsinki City centre at the ice-skating rink. We could try skating or sit in a café by the rink and enjoy a cup of hot chocolate. After skating Suzanne, a Danish sports teacher said: "The next project should be about winter sports. If the Finnish teachers teach us skating for some days, we can soon take part in the Olympics- they are really good in skating!"

Gifts from the Parents' Council

The Tehtaankatu School's Parents' Council gave a T-shirt and a scarf with Tehtaankatu School's logo for the visiting pupils.

Thank you for all the parents for making us feel welcome during our stay at the school. Thank you also for the gifts- the pupils truly appreciate them!

Farewell to Tehtaankatu School

January 29th 2014

We all want to thank the staff, pupils, host families, the Parents' Council - and especially Riitta & Riitta, the two Comenius coordinators- for arranging a great Comenius Project Meeting at your school! Thank you for your hospitality and generosity!

The next - and final - project meeting will take place in Menderes, near Izmir in Turkey in the mid-May 2014.

Language Kiosks

January 29th 2014

Teachers for all partner countries arranged language kiosks, where the Finnish pupils - and the visiting pupils from Denmark and Germany - could go and test their language skills. Pupils were eager to learn , for example, Danish: "Hvad hedder du? Jeg hedder..."

... or try their English skills. This was probably one of the easiest languages for the children as many of them start learning English on the 3rd grade. "What's your name? My name is ..."

... and even try their best inTurkish! To pronouce Turkish is probably not that hard for Finns as they also roll with the letter r and there is also the letter ö in Turkish language.

The children received a Language Certificate when they had shown a skill in one of the partner schools'  languages.


A Visit to Fazer Chocolate Factory

January 27th, 2014

After evaluating, planning and visiting classes, the staff at Tehtaankatu School took us for a visit at Fazer Chocolate Factory just outside Helsinki. We all had great expectations when the bus started outside the school at 2 pm.

Firstly, we were welcome by the staff at the factory and shown a couple of films about the history and the products of Fazer.

We learnt that the cocoa plant can be very tall but it is cut down a bit so it's easier to pick the cocoa nuts. We also learnt that the cocoa that Fazer uses comes mainly from Ecuador and West-Africa. The Finnish people eat approximately 7 kg chocolate pr person annually.


The year 2014 is the 100th anniversary of the creator of Moomins, Tove Jansson. That's why there was also focus on Moomins at Fazer. But Fazer has actually produced Moomin- candy and biscuits since 1957.

Visiting Classes

January 27th-29th 2014

While the coordinators from all partner schools held meetings where they evaluated the project and planned the next phase, the other teachers visited classes. They told about their country of origin, about their town, school and language.

Some teachers taught the Finnish pupils dances that are typical for their region.

Here Cornel and Maria from Romania teach the children a traditional Romanian folk dance and it brought a ot of laughter and joy into the classroom!

French Club

The Comenius Assistant Léa Merý from France arranges a French Club every week for the youngest pupils in Tehtaankatu School.

It was great to see how much the pupils actually understand just after a couple of months with one weekly French lesson.

Country Presentations

Each Working Together- partner made presentations about their school and country. The six pupils from Denmark had also made 3 small films about things/people that are typical Danish. You can find the films under Denmark in this website.

The Toolbelt Arrives Finland

The School in Uricani handed the Traveling Toolbelt to Finland. Romanian pupils had added a typical flower for ther region in the Toolbelt. Let's see what the Finns will add in the Toolbelt- althoug Riitta, the coordinator, already gave us a hint that it MIGHT be a mobile phone .

(... To be continued in Turkey in May)

Working Together-song

I the end of the Morning Assembly, we all joined in singing our own song, Working Together.

"We're working together, across the borders, over the sea. We're working together- yes, you and me!"


January 27th 2014

On Monday morning we gathered at Tehtaankatu School. Colourful Project displays were the first things to welcome us.

Headmaster Jutta Olsoni welcomed us and told about the history of the school- and about the Moomins. Each visitor got a cup with Moomin figures created by authorTove Jansson.

In the assembly hall the pupils welcomed us with songs and music. All guests were impressed by how talentfull the children are!

Pupils from Denmark

6th grade pupils Sophus, Emma, Joachim, Sofie, Ida and Helene, were all very excited to come to Helsinki. Despite being a bit nervous in the beginning, all children felt very welcome in their host families. Thank you for hosting us!

Pupils from Germany

Tammo, Plamedi, Elisa, Julia, Alexandra and Emanuela from Blücherschule in Wiesbaden, Germany, were all very brave to take part of the project meeting in Helsinki. They are all 4th grade pupils and have studied English for a bit over a year. Thank you for the host families!

Tehtaankatu School

Tehtaankatu Primary School is over 100 years old. In the beautifull hallways you can find the protraits of all the Presidents of Finland - together with the portraits of the pupils!

Tehtaankatu School's main emphasis is in culture and languages.

Working Together in Helsinki

January 26th 2014

Saturday the 25th January most of the visitors had reached Helsinki and the staff at Tehtaankatu School could start their well-planned programme.


The host families, visiting children and teachers took a ferry drive to Suomenlinna. It's a Sea Fortress with far-reaching roots in history.ll children- and adults- were well tucked in warm clothes.

The temperature was around -8 degrees Celsius but due to the wind from the sea it felt quite much less than that! The visiting children were impressed that the ferry could sail through the icy sea.

At Suomenlinna, we were divided into two groups and had a guided tour through Suomenlinna.

The Suomenlinna Sea Fortress is situated on a group of islands. The building of the fortress was started in the mid 18th century, when Finland was a part of the Swedish kingdom. It's original purpose was to function as a base for the Archipelago Fleet. In the beginning of the 19th century, Sweden lost Finland for Russia and in 1917 Finland finally gained its independence.

Suomenlinna is nowadays a UNESCO World Inheritage site and there live about 800 people on the islands all year round. Especially in summertime, Suomenlinna is a popular place for picknics and concerts.

Getting ready for Project Meeting in Helsinki, Finland

January 21st 2014

All partner schools are getting ready for the PM at Tehtaankatu School in Helsinki. This time Germany and Denmark will bring each 6 pupils  to take part in the meeting.

Here in Denmark the pupils have prepared presentations about themselves, about Denmark and Viborg, typical Danish products, famous people and sports. Emma N, Joachim, Ida, Helene, Sofie A and Sophus are very excited about their Finnish host families. We have studied in the map of Helsinki the locations of the host families and everyone has written mails to introduce themselves.

According to the weather forecasts, the winter has truly arrived to Finland and it seems that we will experience both snow and bright stars on dar winter sky in the evenings. We have talked about the importance of "Long Johns", warm gloves, winter jackets and warm shoes.

We have also talked about the nice and funny things you can do  in wintertime: sledging, skating, snow boarding, skiing and winter fishing.

Besides living in the host family, making presentations at Tehtaankatu School and going to school in Finland, the thing that seems to excite the Danish pupils most is TRAMS and public transportation in general.

We are truly all looking forward to coming to  Tehtaankatu School in Finland!

Tosi kivaa tulla Tehtaankadun koululle Suomeen!

Comenius Presentations

Amalie (grade 8) and Anne (grade 7) made a study trip to Blücherschule- Wiesbaden in November together with teachers Lisbeth and Marlene. On December 19th they made a presentation for grades 6-9 about the study trip. Living in a host family, using German language skills and visiting classes at Blücherschule seemed to have been the best experiences.

Teachers Tommy and Per from Denmark took part in the Pedagogical Conference in Rumania together with headmaster and teachers from all partner schools.  Pupils showed great interest in the presentation that Tommy made at Nordre Skole just before Christmas holiday. You can find one of the video clips here on this page under Denmark>videos.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year 2014!


The Romanian school gave beautiful dolls wearing traditional folk costumes to all the guests.

The charming dolls were hand-made by the pupils.

Spreading the Comenius News

During the Pedagogical Conference in Uricani, the local TV visited the school to learn about the Working Together project and follow the program.

Among others, Helena from Iceland got the opportunity to tell about the project work and her experiences in Romania.

Volleyball Challenge

The Romania school had organized a volleyball match between the staff at Uricani and the visitors. In the end all got a medal of participation- congratulations!

The next Project Meeting with new challenges will be in Finland January 25th-30th 2014. 

Welcoming the guests to Liceul Tehnologic in Uricani, Romania

November 18, 2013

Liceul Tehnologic school in Uricani had arranged a cultural assembly to welcome the guests from Comenius partner schools.

Folk dance

The traditional folk dance is very popular in Romania and it is taught in schools for pupils in all ages. The guests from Comenius schools were impressed how talented the pupils are!

Folk songs

As well as folk dance, folk songs are also part of the curriculum in Romanian schools. Here the pupils are wearing the traditional black-and-white dresses.

Pedagogical Meeting in Romania

November 2013

All Working Together-partner school had sent school leaders and/or teachers to take part in the Pedagogical Meeting in Uricani in Romania.

Comparing school systems, teacher -and leadership education, work life, special education, and challenges with inclusion of the SEN pupils were just some of the many topics that were discussed during the days.

Visit at Hunedoara Castle

The staff at the Romania school had put together a programme including many cultural visits. In Huneadoara castle the guests could have a look at the history of the Hunedoara county.

Tommy in the stocks!

Tommy, a teacher from Denmark, was put on the stocks. I wonder what he did to earn this?

5th class Business Ideas

October 2013

At Nordre School the 5th class students worked with businesses in English.

In groups of four, they started by agreeing about the idea for business. They divided the work between the group members: designing the logo,making a poster and a brochure, finding a map to add the location of the business, and making a list of products or services that their business stands for. In the end, the pupils presented their businesses and the work was shared through displays at the school.

The Toolbelt landed in Viborg

October 2013

The Traveling Toolbelt has now arrived in Viborg and it has been touched and looked at by many students at Nordre School.

Car from Coventry, Fish from Akureyri and Jellybear from Wiesbaden are soon about to get a new friend along on their tour around the Working Together Partner schools.


Karoline Cow on her way to Romania

November 2013

After severe consideration and several suggestions- including windmill, Lego and H.C.Andersen - we decided to add a COW in the Traveling Toolbelt.

Cow symbolizes the dairy industry in Denmark: Lurpak butter is known all over the world and the black-and-white cows are a typical sight in the rural Denmark. Karoline the Cow is known by all Danes, regardless their age, from commercials and films, and that's why we decided that she is the right symbol for Denmark - and especially Jutland, where Nordre School is located.

Working Together United

October 1st, 2013

While the teachers were cooking, the visiting pupils and their host families went to play in Dicterparken (The Poet's Park), just beside to Nordre School.


The games played were called Cat and Mouse and Standing Troll. Despite the chilly evening weather, everyone enjoyed these games a lot.


Everyone could find something they liked in the delicious buffet.

This was also our final common dinner together. Thank you so much for visiting Nordre School!

Planning Forward

October 2013

Teachers from all partner schools evaluated the project so far and planned the next steps. Even though the basic plan was made already when applying for the project, there are always some adjustments to be made. 

The second project year has started with major changes in some of the partner schools. In Turkey, the school in Menderes has changed from classes 1-9 to cover classes 1-6. Park Hill Primary in England has got new project coordinators Tina and Traci, as Rebecca got a new job. The coordinator Helga from Brekkuskoli in Iceland is on study leave. 


Exchange of the Products

October 1st, 2013

As our major project theme this year is "Entrepreneuship",  we exchanged products made by students in each partner school. These products are meant to be sold in events at schools and the profit will be donated to charity. 

The Danish butterflies flew to partnerschools and we exchanged Icelandic Christmas decorations and bowls, Romanian jewellery, German key rings, English book marks, Finnish redesigned postcards and Turkish magnets - just to mention some of the things. Many of the schools had used recycled material and everyone had put a lot of effort and imagination on the process of creating these things.


Cooking Together!

October 1st 2013

Each school had provided Nordre School with recipes of their specialities. Lisbeth and Tommy from Nordre bought all the groceries needed and on Tuesday afternoon the cooks from all partner schools joined forces to cook a variety of dishes to our International Buffet.

Chicken pasties and lentil balls from Turkey, Blueberry pie and Karelian pasties from Finland, Vegetable soup from Germany, Shrimp salad from Iceland, Stuffed eggs and bread from Romania, Meatballs and Apple Cake from Denmark and  Pasta salad as well as Cheese- and Onion quiche were enjoyed by the teachers, visiting pupils and their host families. 



Welcome to Nordre School!

September 30th, 2013

On Monday morning our Comenius guests finally arrived to Nordre Skole. The visiting pupils followed their host families and we all gathered in the Assembly Hall at 8.10 am.

Headmaster Mogens Schnejder wished our guests welcome. Pupils in 2nd and 4th grade sang songs for our guests. The Comenius Team presented a power point and welcomed the teachers and pupils from our partner schools in their own language. 

Everybody joined in to sing our Comenius Song and when the assembly was over, our guests were given a guided tour around the school by pupils in 9th class.

Travelling Toolbelt to Denmark

September 30th 2013

The travelling Toolbelt was handed over to Denmark by the students from Germany. 

The children in Germany had added a very famous teddybear, the symbol of the candy from factory called Haribo, into the Toolbelt. 

Denmark is  the 4th country to receive the Toolbelt. Now we need to find out what could be the symbol of Denmark and add it to the belt before we will hand it over to Romania in November 2013.

A Visit To Bjergsnaes Efterskole

September 2013

On Sunday we also had the opportunity to visit Bjergsnaes Efterskole. Efterskole is a school form only found in Denmark. Pupils can do their  9th or 10th school year in Efterskole. There are many different kinds of Efterskole in Denmark- all specialize into different things. 

Bjergsnaes Efterskole is specialized into gymnastics, but also add a lot of art and creative subjects into their curriculum, alongside the normal school subjects.

Our guest from partnerschools were amazed by all the possibilities of doing sports and developing yourself that the school offers. Like one teacher from Romania put it: This is heaven!

Thank you to Torben for having us for a visit in the middle of a busy Open Door-day!

Visit at the Old Cardboard Factory

September 29th 2013

During the project meeting in Viborg we had arranged a visit at the Old Cardboard Factory at Bruunshaab, a village about 5 km from Viborg. The host families, visiting pupils as well as pupils and teachers from Nordre Skole could see how cardboard is produced with the old factory machines and hear about the history of the factory.

The factory produced mainly clothes for officers and soldiers in the army until in 1920 the production was changed into cardboard. All the old machines are still there and since 1980´s the place has been functioning as a working museum. Besides the carboard production, there is a workshop where we could try to create things from cardboard.


From Old Newspapers to Cardboard

September 29th 2013

Most of the machines at Bruunshaab Cardboard Factory are prior to 1950. As it is almost impossible to find spare parts, some machines are there just to supply spare parts to the other machines.

To be able to understand the production, we threw newspapers into a "Crusher". Some water was added and the machine grounded the newspapers into a kind of a paper porridge. The porridge moved forward into the next machine called "the Dutch" and even more water was added. Finally, the paper porridge was transported into the cardboard machine. The ready made cardboard is very heavy, containing lots of water. The water is pressed off and in the end, the cardboard is dried and after a tour in a "Cutter", the cardboard could be used to many kind of things.

Carboard Baskets

September 29th 2013

After having seen the production and learnt about the history of the factory, we all visited the workshop. There we could do all kind of things of the cardboard that was available in many different colours.

Some children decided to make a small fruit bowl while others wanted to make a cardboard card and decorate it nicely.

Afterwards we had a lunch outside the factory. Luckily the weather was very nice and some of os even made a little walk in the forrest before continuing our programme.

Thank you so much for our guides at the Bruunshaab Old Cardboard Factory!

Job Market in Viborg

June 2013

The 6th classes at Nordre Skole had been working with jobs. They have visited several companies to hear about entrepreneurship and the ideas behind the business. They have learnt about the production and marketing.

Each pupils also chose a job that they could think of doing in the future. They found information about the education and job opportunities and wrote a report about their findings. In the end they arranged a Job Market, where they invited their parents and siblings to come and see the displays about their future jobs. The evening was a great succes.

Countdown to Project Meeting at Nordre Skole in Viborg, Denmark

September 19th 2013

In about eight days Nordre Skole will be hosting the first Comenius Project Meeting in the school year 2013-14. We are really looking forward to the visit!

The Comenius Team has been working hard with the welcome signs and the morning assembly. Many of them will be hosting children from Germany, England and Finland and they are very excited about that!

During the Project Meeting all the pupils in classes 4-6 will work together in mixed teams where the visiting pupils are integrated. There will be workshops about a Sports, Art, English and German.

Butterfly Invasion!

September 2013 Viborg, Denmark

Butterflies have invaded Nordre Skole!

You might wonder why? Well, we can tell that teachers of the 5th class at our school decided to combine skills in needle work, art and wood work and that has resulted in hundreds of butterflies that are flying all over the school at the moment. Some of them are homeless and they are getting quite desperate in trying to find new homes.

Perhaps some of them will hide in the suitcases and bags of the pupils and teachers that are soon to visit us? Then they would be able to try to fly together with butterflies in Romania, Turkey, Iceland, England, Germany and Finland.

Project Meeting in Wiesbaden

April 2013

Blücherschule in Wiesbaden was host for our 3rd Comenius Working Together meeting. Almost all school brought students along to this meeting. The students followed their own programme, including for example making of a film in a film studio in Frankfurt am Main. They stayed in host families and got the opportunity to learn about the family life in Germany.

Welcome to Blücherschule!

April 2013

The teachers and students in Blücherschule had organised a morning assembly welcoming the guests to their school. The students and the teachers performed and sung songs, including our Comenius song "Working Together".

Toolbelt to Germany

Our Traveling Toolbelt has now travelled from Akureyri in Iceland to Wiesbaden in Germany. Also other countries had brought some items to the Tool Belt as it was  to be used by the pupils when making a film.

By looking at the items, would you be able to guess which items come from where - and why?

Film of our school

February 2013

Pupils in all school have produced films presenting their schools and the surroundings.

The group of Icelandic 6th class pupils presented their film to the visitors during project meeting in Akureyri. They all wore pyjamas at school that day as it was their Pyjama Day!

You can find the film in the section of Iceland here on our webpage.

A visit to Huni

Akureyri February 2013

In Akureyri the teachers taking part in the project meeting were invited to the old fishing ship, Huni. When Huni wasn't used for fishing anymore, a group of volunteers decided to renovate the ship.

Nowadays it is used like a kind of a floating school. Each year all the 6th class pupils in Akureyri come to school camp on Huni. They are taught about the sea, fish and about nature. They will learn to clean a fish and get to taste different types of fish. A great way to learn about the most important field of work in Iceland - fishing!

Farewell to Akureyri- see you in Wiesbaden!

February 2013

The project meeting in Akureyri was finished by a lovely Icelandic song presented by 2 teachers in Brekkuskóli. Thank you!

You can find the next steps of the project here in our website under "Plans".

The next project meeting will be on April 20th -25th in  Wiesbaden in Germany. Blücherschule will host a meeting for both teachers and pupils.

Bis bald!

Travelling Tool Belt

Akureyri Feb 22-27th 2013

Laura from Park Hill Primary in Coventry presented a Toolbelt, which now will symbolize our project "Working Together".The Toolbelt will travel in between the countries and  in the beginning of each project meeting the Toolbelt will be handed over to the hosting school. Each school then adds their country flag and a symbol that presents work or production in their local area, in the Toolbelt.

Coventry was formerly known as a center for car industry and that's why the pupils had produced a little felt-car as a symbol for England. 

Herring Era in Siglufjördur

February 24th

The teachers at Brekkuskóli had arranged a day-trip to Siglufjördur, a little village north of Akureyri. We learnt about the Herring Era (1903-1968) when Siglufjördur was a center for herring-fishing and could provide work for thousands of young women and men throughout the fishing season. The so called Herring-girls worked sometimes up to 30 hours without a break and even though they lived in quite modest dwellings, they could earn up to 3-4 times of the wages of a fisherman.

After many years of having being almost forgotten, Siglufjördur is now growing again, due to building of the tunnels that has made it easier to reach from the mainland.

Guided tour in Brekkuskóli

February 25th, 2013

On Monday morning the students showed us around in the school and surroundings. The students were obviously very proud of their school, and that is very easy to understand. Brekkuskóli is light and spacious and there are really great opportunities to do sport as the swimming hall, gym and sports lie just next to the school.

In the photo you can see teachers from Denmark with their guides who spoke both English and Danish.


What would you like to be?

February 2013

Pupils have been working with their future jobs. They have investigated how to become a nurse, scientist, computer programmer, archeologist, popsinger, actor, doctor, - or something totally different.

The work has been presented in various ways like poster displays, speeches, films or power point presentations. It will be interesting to see and compare the childrens' dream jobs in our project meeting in Iceland in the end of February 2013. 


Parents' Jobs

Jan-Feb 2013

Pupils have interviewed their parents (or grandparents) about their jobs. They have asked questions about qualifications needed in the job, how an average work day is and if they wanted to change something in their jobs. It seems that the most surprising thing has been the jobs their parents dreamt of when they were children. All schools have also sent information about parents' jobs in 2 classes and Blücherschule in Germany will make a comparison of the results.


Project Meeting in Iceland

February 2013

Brekkuskóli in Akureyri, a town situated in the northern part of Iceland, is getting ready to host a Project Meeting from the 21st February 2013.

Besides comparing and sharing the results of our project work and planning the next steps, we will participate the programme planned by the host school. Of the many things could be mentioned students' presentations, visiting classes and getting to know the fishing industry that has been the main field of industry in Akureyri until the recent years.

Season's Greetings

January 2013

All school sent Season's Greetings to each other for Christmas and New Year. The pupils wrote greetings in minumum 2 languages, some in three. Some schools sent Christmas cards to all pupils in a class. It was great to see how creative the pupils have been!

Jobs at Schools

January 2013

All partner schools have made surveys about jobs in their schools. Some schools made reports whilst others made drawings or films of the different jobs.

In the photo you can see how the children in Blücherscule in Wiesbaden have decided to tell about jobs in their school. Can you guess what jobs there are in Blücherschule?

Language Certificates

January 2013

The partner schools have designed Language Certificates for each others. When pupils have decided a language goal, eg. "I will learn to count to ten in Romanian", they will get a certificate from their teacher as soon as they have shown that they have reached their goal.

Language Certificates can also be given to a whole class. The aim with the certificates is to motivate children to learn foreign languages.

Can you count to ten in Finnish?

Cadbury World

11th of November 2012

Pupils and teachers from all the countries went through the Aztec Jungle to see the origin of the cocoa beans. We learned about how the cocoa came to Europe and how the Cadbury story started. We also saw how chocolate comes to life and we had a lot of fun along the way.... well, and of course we tasted a lot of chocolate!!!   

The Project Logo

12th of November 2012

Pupils from Turkey have designed suggestions for the project logo. During the Coventry meeting, pupils from the participating countries have chosen the project logo. Thank you to Embie from Turkey for the wonderful logo.

Balloon Launch

13rd of November 2012

200 balloons carrie wishes and dreams for the future of the pupils at Park Hill and all partner schools. We will all work hard to make their dreams come true. Well done everyone!